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Electronic Document Management System

The key features of EDMS:

  • EDMS software is configurable. User can define their company organogram respectively the document ownership.
  • Configurable document categorization will help to enrich document security and management.
  • User can set any number of attribute for a document to identify and search the document.
  • Single or multiple documents can be scanned at a time by using EDMS software.
  • EDMS provides easy & quick searching mechanism for documents.
  • Users can make versions of any document keeping the original document intact.
  • EDMS will allow users to share documents over E-mail from within the system.
  • EDMS will allow users to set up documents destroy policy and destroy the documents accordingly.
  • EDMS will allow setting different roles for different users. Each role can have different permission.
  • EDMS will allow setting data level security.

The advantages of “Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)”:

  • EDMS can save significant amount of valuable office space by converting the physical documents into electronic documents.
  • EDMS will help to find documents quickly & efficiently.
  • EDMS ensures documents security by providing role based access to the documents for only the authorized personnel.
  • If the documents are needed to be preserved for a long time ensuring document’s health then EDMS is the right choice.
  • Backup mechanism of EDMS will enriched documents security and longevity.