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i Spark for Plastic Molding Industry

Integrated Solution for Plastic Molding Industry
Plastic moldings are constantly trying to find ways to drive costs out of production in order to maximize profit margins. This goal, however, is made more difficult in today’s environment of fluctuating raw material costs, variable costs, rising energy and transportation costs, and reduced consumer discretionary spending. Growing competition, strong product lifecycles and complicated supply chains all add further levels of complexity. Mastering these challenges means making improvements to your production and productivity. To do this, you need a proven, end-to-end solution, specifically designed to manage and streamline the critical processes required in the fabricated metal industry.
iSpark for Plastic
iSpark is an integrated application for the Plastic mould Industry. It can correlate the customers demand with their production and inventory. It does the automatic balancing of the work load on the lines within a work center to minimize the ideal time, reduce setup time, and utilization of equipments and operators efficiency without losing sight of your order deadlines.
Control your supply chain costs and optimize the use of your production capacity. Effectively plan co- and by-products, and determine the least-cost formulation.
SIL iSpark customers gain:

  • Mold and cavity requirement as per plant capacity
  • Current balance of stock of material and on production
  • Tracking of machine productivity, module breakdown, processing parameters
  • Inventory control including materials sent and received for job work
  • Working capital reporting (Quarantine, WIP, FG)
  • Production BOM calculation
  • Material reconciliation

SIL iSpark solutions Benefit:

Improve Operational Visibility

Taking stock of core business operations in an integrated fashion is, for many manufacturers, the initial step in improving bottom line revenues through greater visibility of office and plant floor operations.


Through integrated technology, your business removes redundant processes and improves accuracy of information to provide better customer service and centralized operational management.

Reduce Waste in the Supply Chain
More than ever, manufacturers are looking up and down their supply chains to eliminate waste and improve bottom line results.
iSpark for Plastics mold tighter collaboration throughout the supply chain while analyzing the same metrics that you are measured on, such as supplier shipping performance or quality ratings.



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