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LeatherSIL for Leather Processing

LeatherSIL for Leather Processing
LeatherSIL is an ERP system developed specifically for the leather processing industry, which has been successfully attending small, medium and large leather manufacturing companies. Manual or semi-automated systems are incapable to process complex variables of information which are important for efficient and cost effective decision making process. Knowing that reality, Square InformatiX Limited has dedicated years of research.

The LeatherSIL built By SIL is an end- to- end, instigated solution designed specifically to improve manufacturing, supply chain management, customer relations, production planning, production management, quality control, inventory control and more. To improve product quality and productivity, to satisfy the market demand/ sales forecast and to maximize utilization of machine and manpower, production planning & management are essential.
Our customers use LeatherSIL to:

  • Meeting delivery timelines
  • Quantify and manage risk of portfolio
  • Bringing predictability and control in purchasing
  • Reduce cost and increase profitability
  • Getting a hold on the operations
  • Efficient and effective decision making
  • Tracking ownership of Inventory and Production
  • Reduce human errors
  • Work in process monitoring
  • Dispatch and invoicing management
  • Managing multiple locations
  • Staying in touch with the information all the time from any where
  • Ensuring traceability of yearly purchase, production and sale

LeatherSIL solutions Benefit:
LeatherSIL delivers value by increasing process efficiency, enhancing workforce productivity, cutting operating costs, boosting employee and customer satisfaction and enabling better and faster decisions.
LeatherSIL is a translucent information system helps in arriving at order wise, customer wise, item wise profit/ loss. The actual costs against estimation done at the planning can be seen on the click of a mouse in your dashboard.
Cost Control
LeatherSIL helps the managers to increase manufacturing, warehousing productivity and operational efficiency which provides management visibility to gain control over cost.
Monitoring and control of material and transfer of material is very critical and with increasing concern on quality, backward and forward item traceability is provided in LeatherSIL ERP system.
Increases Productivity
Productivity levels increase due to automated processes and streamlined operations. With relevant information available to managers, you see increased efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness within short time of going live on the solution. You can collaborate more effectively and contribute efficiently towards job due to access to the right information at the right time.
Enhances Business Decision Making
LeatherSIL provides information with better visibility of its business. Managers can now extract the right information at the right time to make informed business decisions. Knowing the data is consistent and accurate across the company makes it easier to manage the business more effectively.
Enhances Stability and Security
The sophistication and scalability of the LeatherSIL ERP solution helps you to keep pace with the company’s growth plans and industry norms and standards. The secure, integrated business solution provides reliable information to make critical business decisions.




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