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PharmaSIL for Pharmaceutical Industries

Addressing the Unique and Specialized Needs of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
A pharmaceutical company depends on data from every link in the supply chain, payments for purchases, production records, customer orders, shipments and invoices, payments from customers, maintenance of equipment and facilities, investments and taxes etc. Pharmaceutical companies need to have an effective management application method to keep all these data in a proper manner and use them effectively and efficiently whenever they required.
PharmaSIL provides the advanced functionality you need to remain competitive in the face of these difficult challenges.

PharmaSIL addresses specific pharmaceutical business needs:
  • Production planning & management
  • Batch tracking, including expire date tracking
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Accurate material/ product costing
  • Improve product quality and productivity
  • Material/ inventory management
  • Sales and Distribution management
  • Extensive reporting, work flow and real-time monitoring
  • Maintain high level security

PharmaSIL Pharmaceuticals solutions Benefit

Optimize your supply chain around unique industry variables
Respond faster to changes in customer demands
Attain operational agility
Gain real-time cost awareness
Improve forecast accuracy
Streamlining workflow
Producing better products, faster





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