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Sales and Distribution Management System (SDMS)

Sales and Distribution Management System
Sales and Distribution Management System is specifically developed for the company, which has high volume of sales with wide distribution network. It can be Pharmaceuticals, Consumer or Toiletries Companies.

  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Collection
  • Sales Return
  • Stock Requisition
  • Route wise Distribution
  • Redelivery
  • Integrated Access Control


  • Increased Sales as sales person can place order at any time (24/7)
  • Management is able to take instant decision as data is managed by central server
  • No short supply in depot, as Automatic Stock Requisition System makes sure equal distribution of stock
  • Partial collection and return will cheer up relationship with customer
  • Redelivery Trend and Undelivered Trend analysis will minimize unnecessary return

General Reports

  • Collection Register
  • Stock Summary
  • Sale Register
  • Stock Movement
  • Party Ledger
  • Stock Transfer
  • Store Unit List Report

Monitoring Reports

  • Customer Outstanding
  • Actual Value Sales
  • Unit Sale Achievement
  • Value Sale Achievement
  • Product Achievement
  • Return Statement
  • Sales Statement
  • Order Monitoring
  • Undelivered Trend
  • Redelivery Trend






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