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Sales Process Automation (SPA)

Design and run any business process with point-and-click simplicity using SIL SPA Software Solution. Manage success with flexible approval processes for deal discounts, expenses, and more.
  • Sales Order Management System (SOM)
    • Sales Order Management (Android)
    • Web Service (DotNet)
    • SMS Management Service (DotNet)
  • Distribution/ Depot Management System (DMS)
  • Management Information System (MIS)

MIS Functional Area:

  • Bonus Program declaration
  • Trade program declaration (National/Zone/Area wise)

Between Factory and Distribution/ Depot:

  • Requisition generated by distributor and send to Factory.
  • View requisition by Factory
  • Invoice generate by Factory.
  • Product distribute by Factory
  • Product receive by Distribution/ Depot
  • Product Return to Factory
  • Replacement sends to Distribution/ Depot
  • Payment sends by Distribution/ Depot 
  • Money Collection by CHQ/Factory  

Between Distribution/ Depot and Retailer:

  • Data synchronization to SR’s Tab/ mobile (Product, Price, Customer etc.)
  • Order securing by SR [notify short & priority product]
  • Order sends to Distribution/ Depot
  • Order process by Distribution/ Depot
  • Invoice generation based on the following
    • Bonus program
    • Trade program
  • Replacement collection by SR
  • Replacement delivery to retailer
  • Product returns to Distribution/ Depot

Various Report Features:

  • Distribution/ Depot wise unit Stock statement
  • Distribution/ Depot wise value stock statement
  • Route wise order statement
  • Route wise sales statement
  • Distribution/ Depot sales statement
  • Trade Program Statement
  • Area Wise IMS Comparison
  • Collection report
  • Distribution/ Depot Outstanding
  • Pipeline product
  • On-Transit Product
  • Replacement withdrawal statement
  • Target versus Achievement statement
  • Retailer list
  • SR activities monitoring 
  • Price changing information list

For Successful Smart Sales Force.

The faster an order can be fulfilled, the better it is for everyone involved. Unfortunately, conventional processing methods are rife with manual touch points that lead to a host of order management challenges which can hinder your processing efficiency by as much as 80%.

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Poultry, Animals & Aqua Index

PAAI (Poultry, Animals and Aqua Index) is the android & i-OS mobile veterinary drug index apps of SQUARE. It is operated by Square Informatix Ltd. and owned by AgroVet Division, Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Bangladesh.AVAILABLE ON STORES


e-Learning is only for existing Square Pharmaceuticals Limited (SPL) personnels. Purpose of this app is to study and asses users. If you are an employee of SPL, please contact your HRD to get login credentials.AVAILABLE ON STORES