Data Communication Service

Data Communication Service

Square InformatiX is one of the leading data communication service provider in Bangladesh. From Sea to Shore , SQUARE can connect anytime anywhere in Bangladesh. It has infrastructure to provide solution in four different mediums ( VSAT/Satellite, Fiber, Radio and WiMAX). We have a highly-skilled certified team of engineers and operational experts to ensure your data communication needs.

Our Data Communication Media:

  • VSAT
  • P2P Radio (ISM Band) / WiMAX (3.5 Ghz License fx)
  • Fiber (dark Fiber/Capacity link)
VSAT Link: Square Informatix has its own satellite HUB station(similar to Teleport) since 2001 which is a state-of-the-art technology has enabled Square to provide VSAT communication service anywhere in Bangladesh irrespective of geographical limitation.Our satellite footprint covers the whole Bangladesh; in fact, it covers one-third of the globe. Under the foot print of our satellite we can provide data communication service through VSAT. We can also provide maritime VSAT service at sea and DSNG service through our HUB infrastructure.

WiMAX /Radio Link: Square InformatiX is one of the Fixed WiMAX operator in Bangladesh. SQUARE has spectrum license from BTRC in 3.5 GHz band and started providing data communication services through WiMAX in 2006. It has more than 40 Base station across the country to facilitate data communication and internet service to it’s valued clients.

Fiber Link: Square InformatiX has established 23 POP at different districts and divisions to provide data communication services through fibers using different NTTNs Fiber infrastructure . We ensure last mile communication through fiber or P2P radio based on terrain.