Internet Service (ISP)

Internet Service

Square Informatix provides high-speed Internet service, regardless of geographical location as long as it is within the borders of Bangladesh. From Bangladesh’s best-known enterprises, leadingbusinesses houses and corporate IT department’s to small businesses in remote parts of the country– Square serves all with equal importance and meets the specific requirements of individual clients. Clients’ satisfaction is the highest priorityfor Square.

Square is unique in providing dedicated broadband Internet service using four different mediums:

  • Fiber
  • WiMAX
  • Radio
  • VSAT

1. Fiber:   We provide dedicated Internet bandwidth anywhere within Dhaka city through leased underground fiber for smart businesses. Now anyone in Dhaka can enjoy high quality, high speed and permanent Internet connection 24 hours a day with optical Fiber Internet from Square.

2. WiMAX: Square has set up three WiMAX terminals in Mirpur, Motijheel and Mohakhali.Both big and small clients enjoy high-speed Internet provided through these terminals.

3. Radio: Square provides Internet through radio connectivity in the areas where neither the optical fiber nor WiMAX terminals are available. Square has a huge number of clients outside the capital city of Dhaka, particularly in the industrial areas on the outskirts of Dhaka, who are connected with Internet through Radio.

4. VSAT:In a place where no other networks are available, VSAT is the only option to get connected with Internet. Square has its own satellite HUB station. It can provide Internet service through VSAT even if you live deep into a hilly region.