Satellite Communication Service

Satellite Communication/Square’s Satellite (VSAT) Service

SQUARE's VSAT HUB station, Saver, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The vacuum in the quality data connectivity within distributed offices for online communication systems inspired SQUARE to diversify into the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. Square InformatiX Ltd has made the biggest ICT investment in the country by setting up a satellite earth station in Bangladesh to cater to the needs of its valued clients that facilitates VSAT connectivity across the country irrespective of geographical limitation. By virtue of this achievement, Bangladesh enters into a new era in communication services.

Square is a technology partner of iDirect , USA and commissioned globally leading VSAT technology system which is the first on its kind in the country. The system is equipped with the most advanced VSAT system in a simple modular design using patented technology that makes the system secured, efficient, affordable and reliable. The VSAT Hub is situated near to Dhaka through which we can control and monitor few thousand VSAT across the country. The facility has been built by meeting all international norms and features.

Square’s VSAT is a private communication network designed for bi-directional traffic that includes interactive transactions, data, voice and video communications. As required for a private network the data is well secured by the combination of a unique protocol and a proprietary, patented, access scheme.

The star topology of a Square’s VSAT Network is well suited for use in configurations where corporate headquarters or data centers communicate with hundreds or thousands of geographically dispersed locations. The Square’s Network supports a variety of data protocols and applications, providing central host-to-remote terminal and remote terminal-to-remote terminal connectivity.

Square’s VSAT Communication Network consists of the following components:

  • Earth station and control facility, or Hub (similar to Teleport )
  • VSAT, or Remote Terminal at  customer's remote sites
Square VSAT Hub and Network provides reliable and secured connectivity between the VSAT sites and the hub through a backbone protocol, which serves as a data link channel between the hub and the VSAT. Square’s Hub consists of 2 layers of redundant baseband equipment. The baseband equipment is modular in design; Hub Satellite Processors to control the transmission through the satellite, Protocol Processors (PPs) to interface with the user’s host and an advanced Network Management System (NMS) to control and monitor the total activities of the HUB system.

Square is known and always committed for long-term investment. Square InformatiX has invested millions of dollars to build a world-class VSAT Communication Hub facility. Square has built a 4000 square feet state-of-the art Network Operations Center (NOC) equipped with robust baseband equipment and a 9.3 meter (30.51 feet, Vertex ) motorized auto-tracking antenna system. The NOC has 3 layers of Power redundancy & 2 layers of Hub Baseband equipment redundancy to avoid possible system shutdown and thus ensuring network availability of International standard.

Square has a highly trained pool of experienced professional and full-time foreign consultants to support all aspects of network implementation and operation of complicated communications networks in the country and abroad. It has 23 support offices throughout the country to provide uninterruptible, quick and 24 x 7 support to our clients.